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Climate Change and its influence on performance, policy, and physical activity

Climate change has affected sport and health in many ways, from performance in extreme environments to spectators experiencing extreme weather challenges and high levels of air pollution. Further, over the last few years, we have experienced frequent and intense European heatwaves. The Olympic Games in 2024 will take place in Paris during the summer season and temperatures from previous heatwaves have already exceeded 42°C, with this set to rise. Alongside heat, there is a risk of fires therefore further affecting air quality. These heatwaves have environmental, performance and health implications and there is a growing awareness about the impact of these events. Submissions Open | Submission Deadline: 6th November 2024

Collection Editors

Dr Amy Harwood Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK Dr Daniel Tinnion Department of Life Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK
Assistant Prof Diana Robinson AM MBBS FACSEP GAICD School of Medicine Notre Dame University, Sydney, Australia Prof. Evert Verhagen FECSS Dept. Of Public and Occupational Health Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr Carole Akinyi Okoth National Spinal Injury Referral Hospital Ministry of Health, Kenya
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