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Disordered eating and eating disorders in male elite athletes: a scoping review
Karrer, Yannis; Halioua, Robin; Motteli, Sonja; Iff, Samuel; Seifritz, Erich; Jager, Matthias; Claussen, Malte Christian

Thigh-worn accelerometry for measuring movement and posture across the 24-hour cycle: a scoping review and expert statement
Stevens, Matthew L.; Gupta, Nidhi; Eroglu, Elif Inan; Crowley, Patrick Joseph; Eroglu, Barbaros; Bauman, Adrian; Granat, Malcolm; Straker, Leon; Palm, Peter; Stenholm, Sari; Aadahl, Mette; Mork, Paul; Chastin, Sebastien; Rangul, Vegar; Hamer, Mark; Koster, Annemarie; Holtermann, Andreas; Stamatakis, Emmanuel

Gender differences in mental health symptoms and risk factors in Australian elite athletes
Walton, Courtney C.; Rice, Simon; Gao, Caroline X.; Butterworth, Matt; Clements, Matti; Purcell, Rosemary

Exercise training for intermittent claudication: a narrative review and summary of guidelines for practitioners
Harwood, Amy E.; Pymer, Sean; Ingle, Lee; Doherty, Patrick; Chetter, Ian C.; Parmenter, Belinda; Askew, Christopher D.; Tew, Gary A.

Multifactorial individualised programme for hamstring muscle injury risk reduction in professional football: protocol for a prospective cohort study
Lahti, Johan; Mendiguchia, Jurdan; Ahtiainen, Juha; Anula, Luis; Kononen, Tuomas; Kujala, Mikko; Matinlauri, Anton; Peltonen, Ville; Thibault, Max; Toivonen, Risto-Matti; Edouard, Pascal; Morin, Jean Benoit

Integrating physical activity promotion into UK medical school curricula: testing the feasibility of an educational tool developed by the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine
Pugh, Gemma; O’Halloran, Patrick; Blakey, Laura; Leaver, Hannah; Angioi, Manuela

Trends in player body mass at men’s and women’s Rugby World Cups: a plateau in body mass and differences in emerging rugby nations
Tucker, Ross; Lancaster, Stuart; Davies, Phil; Street, Gary; Starling, Lindsay; de Coning, Cian; Brown, James

In-match physical demands on elite Japanese rugby union players using a global positioning system
Yamamoto, Hayato; Takemura, Masanori; Iguchi, Junta; Tachibana, Misato; Tsujita, Junzo; Hojo, Tatsuya

Video games and their associations with physical health: a scoping review
Pelletier, Vincent Huard; Lessard, Arianne; Piche, Florence; Tetreau, Charles; Descarreaux, Martin

Comparisons of leisure-time physical activity participation by adults with and without a disability: results of an Australian cross-sectional national survey
Hassett, Leanne; Shields, Nora; Cole, Jenni; Owen, Katherine; Sherrington, Catherine

Therapeutic effects of turmeric or curcumin extract on pain and function for individuals with knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review
Paultre, Kristopher; Cade, William; Hernandez, Daniel; Reynolds, John; Greif, Dylan; Best, Thomas Michael

Individual factors associated with baseball pitching performance: scoping review
Mercier, Marie-Andree; Tremblay, Mathieu; Daneau, Catherine; Descarreaux, Martin

Managing the return to sport of the elite footballer following semimembranosus reconstruction
Taberner, Matt; Haddad, Fares S.; Dunn, Andy; Newall, Adam; Parker, Lloyd; Betancur, Esteban; Cohen, Daniel D.

Quantifying head acceleration exposure via instrumented mouthguards (iMG): a validity and feasibility study protocol to inform iMG suitability for the TaCKLE project
Tierney, Gregory; Weaving, Daniel; Tooby, James; Al-Dawoud, Marwan; Hendricks, Sharief; Phillips, Gemma; Stokes, Keith A.; Till, Kevin; Jones, Ben

Diurnal variations in the expression of core-clock genes correlate with resting muscle properties and predict fluctuations in exercise performance across the day
Basti, Alireza; Yalcin, Muege; Herms, David; Hesse, Janina; Aboumanify, Ouda; Li, Yin; Aretz, Zita; Garmshausen, Josefin; El-Athman, Rukeia; Hastermann, Maria; Blottner, Dieter; Relogio, Angela

Hypoxia is not the primary mechanism contributing to exercise-induced proteinuria
Joyce, Kelsley E.; Delamere, John; Bradwell, Susie; Myers, Stephen David; Ashdown, Kimberly; Rue, Carla; Lucas, Samuel J. E.; Thomas, Owen D.; Fountain, Amy; Edsell, Mark; Myers, Fiona; Malein, Will; Imray, Chris; Clarke, Alex; Lewis, Chrisopher T.; Newman, Charles; Johnson, Brian; Cadigan, Patrick; Wright, Alexander; Bradwell, Arthur

Do static and dynamic activities induce potentially damaging breast skin strain?
Norris, Michelle; Mills, Chris; Sanchez, Amy; Wakefield-Scurr, Joanna

Cam morphology is associated with MRI-defined cartilage defects and labral tears: a case-control study of 237 young adult football players with and without hip and groin pain
Heerey, Joshua; Kemp, Joanne; Agricola, Rintje; Srinivasan, Ramya; Smith, Anne; Pizzari, Tania; King, Matthew; Lawrenson, Peter; Scholes, Mark; Link, Thomas; Souza, Richard; Majumdar, Sharmila; Crossley, Kay

Systematic development of an injury prevention programme for judo athletes: the IPPON intervention
von Gerhardt, Amber L.; Vriend, Ingrid; Verhagen, Evert; Tol, Johannes L.; Kerkhoffs, Gino M. M. J.; Reurink, Guus

Changes in physical activity and sedentary behaviours from before to during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown: a systematic review
Stockwell, Stephanie; Trott, Mike; Tully, Mark; Shin, Jae; Barnett, Yvonne; Butler, Laurie; McDermott, Daragh; Schuch, Felipe; Smith, Lee