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What do healthcare professionals want from a resource to support person-centred conversations on physical activity? A mixed-methods, user-centric approach to developing educational resources

Hamish Reid, Jessica Caterson, Ralph Smith, James Baldock, Natasha Jones, Robert Copeland, on behalf of the Moving Medicine development group, Andrew Murray, Beverley Hall, Clare Scott-Dempster, George Bownes, Jim Kerss, Jo Foster-Stead, Joanna Lambert, John Rogers, Joseph Lightfoot, Jumbo Jenner, Lisa Stephens, Mark Batt, Martyn Standage, Paul Kelly, Vicky Lawson


June 22, 2022

Impact of physical activity on COVID-19-related symptoms and perception of physical performance, fatigue and exhaustion during stay-at-home orders

Andreas Gehlhar, Nikola Schmidt, Nina Eisenburger, Sven Feddern, Annelene Kossow, Johannes Nießen, Stefanie Wessely, Gerhard A Wiesmüller, Barbara Grüne, Christine Joisten, On behalf of the CoCo-Fakt Group, Julian Book, Lukas Broichhaus, Monica Daum, Anna Carlotta Graf, Markus Lorbacher, Wanja Noethig, Marc Tappiser


May 4, 2022