Table 1

Definitions and examples of safeguarding and abuse in dance

NeglectThe failure to meet physical and emotional needs or to protect from danger.1Leaving physical injuries untreated, unsafe rehearsal conditions and inadequate breaks.12
Emotional or psychological abuseDeliberate, repeated, non-contact behaviour that has the potential to be harmful.30Humiliating and derogatory remarks, withdrawal of attention, threats, and body-shaming.3 5 13
Physical abuseNon-accidental trauma or physical harm.1Violence, physical force and physical punishment.5
Sexual abuse and harassmentAny conduct of a sexual nature, whether non-contact or contact, where a person has not given consent, consent is coerced/manipulated or consent cannot be given.1Sexual communication, lack of privacy and sexualisation.14 18
Safeguarding and abuse preventionActions to protect people from abuse, harm and neglect and support their health, well-being and human rights.31Training on safeguarding, policies and procedures,29 including preventing, reporting and responding to abuse.14