Table 1

Summary of specific ECOSEP committees with aims and objectives for SEM specialty

CommitteeAims and objectives
  • Propose guidelines (eg, sports injuries treatment and rehabilitation, antidoping)

  • Cooperate with other organisations (such as IOC, WADA, FIMS, FSMA)

  • Organise congresses

  • Advance the competency of SEM

  • Commitment to education and continuous professional development

  • Support national organisations to promote the specialty

  • Circulate the British Journal of Sports Medicine to ECOSEP members

  • Support the trans-European introduction of sports and exercise medicine into undergraduate medical curricula

  • Creating postgraduate programmes and seminars providing further training for SEM physicians

  • Invite medical students with an early interest in sports and exercise medicine to become associate members of ECOSEP

  • Ensure that the College’s website becomes a vibrant platform for the active exchange of information between its members by providing regular updates from the sports medicine literature, consensus practice guidelines, useful links to other websites

  • Promote scientific research

  • Promoting collaborative initiatives with National European and International Sports Medicine Organisations from around the world

  • Developing a working relationship by engaging in the exchange of information for research, knowledge, education and best practice

  • Adherence to ethical standards in SEM research, training and education

Medical student
  • Providing educational courses, contacts to more senior SEM physicians and career paths advice

Travelling fellowship
  • Providing scholarships for SEM trainees to SEM centres around Europe and insight into different healthcare systems and learning from international colleagues

Fighting inactivity
  • Promote physical activity at grassroots and among general public across all age groups and levels of physical ability by providing advice, information and educational support

  • Promote population behavioural modification towards a more physically active lifestyle by raising awareness about activities of daily life such as active leisure, commute, school and shopping trips

  • Increase healthcare professionals’ awareness and confidence in managing health through physical activity and exercise

  • Share and promote current best evidence, guidelines and recommendations for physical activity

  • Share, promote and engage with design and implementation of government strategies and policies for physical activity at both national and European levels

  • Promote scientific collaborations between ECOSEP and other European and International Sports Medicine, Exercise Sciences and physical activity organisations

Junior doctors
  • Offering electives at various SEM centres across Europe

  • Educational advice, CPD learning

Sports dentistry
  • Integration of sports dentistry into the multidisciplinary sports medicine team by developing research, education and scientific initiatives as well as common promotional projects with national and international sports federations and sports medicine associations

ECOSEP chair
  • Steering committee, meetings and discussions about future directions of SEM

  • CPD, Continous Professional Development; ECOSEP, European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians; FIMS, Fédération Internationale de Médecine du Sport; FSMA, Federation of Sports Medicine Associations; IOC, International Olympic Committee; SEM, sports and exercise medicine; WADA, World Anti-Doping Agency.