Table 2

Median (IQR) fat fraction, muscle volume, NV and NLV values for GMAX, GMED and GMIN, for each sex. Median (IQR) values of VSAT and NVSAT are also included. P values correspond to Kruskal-Wallis tests for sex differences

MalesFemalesP value
Fat fraction (%)
 GMAX14.5 (11.7–15.6)14.8 (12.2–17.1)p=0.42
 GMED11.4 (10.5–12.9)11.3 (10.3–13.7)p=0.69
 GMIN14.7 (13.3–17.1)16.3 (14.9–17.8)p=0.06
Volume (cm3)
 GMAX770.3 (704.7–884.0)620.6 (568.8–686.8)p<0.01
 GMED394.4 (363.1–433.8)300.1 (274.3–338.4)p<0.01
 GMIN110.4 (101.9–118.1)85.1 (79.6–92.8)p<0.01
NV (cm3/kg)
 GMAX10.3 (9.6–11.6)10.2 (9.5–10.9)p=0.54
 GMED5.1 (4.8–5.5)4.9 (4.6–5.3)p=0.14
 GMIN1.5 (1.4–1.6)1.4 (1.3–1.5)p=0.19
NLV (cm3/kg)
 GMAX8.7 (8.1–10.3)8.7 (7.9–9.5)p=0.36
 GMED4.5 (4.2–4.9)4.3 (3.9–4.7)p=0.17
 GMIN1.2 (1.2–1.4)1.2 (1.1–1.3)p=0.09
VSAT(cm3)2216.3 (1909.3–2774.4)2908.9 (2481.4–3998.7)p<0.01
NVSAT(cm3/kg)28.8 (24.7–34.4)50.7 (42.5–61.7)p<0.01
  • GMAX, gluteus maximus; GMIN, gluteus minimus; NLV, normalised lean volume; NV, normalised volume; NVSAT, SAT normalised volume; VSAT, SAT volume.