Table 2

Minimum equipment for a sports medicine physician to examine and manage an eye injury on-field

Ocular trauma formDetailed documentation of the type, severity and initial findings of the ocular trauma (online supplemental appendix 3)
Fluorescein paperEvaluation of ocular surface abrasions or penetrating injuries
PenlightMore detailed evaluation of tissues under a light
Direct/indirect light reflex
Pocket visual acuity chartAssessment of visual acuity
Direct ophthalmoscopeAssessment of the presence of media opacity that prevents visualisation of the retina (eg, vitreous haemorrhage)
Evaluation of main fundus structures such as optic nerve and macula
Eye shield and tapePrevention of further damage
Red bottle caps of mydriatic dropsConfrontational visual field exam
Balanced salt solutionIrrigation of ocular surface