Table 2

Categories of mental disorders assessed in phase 2 of the study

DisorderTypes (subcategories)
Affective disordersDepressive episode, depressive disorder, hypomanic episode, manic episode, subthreshold bipolar disorder, bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder
Anxiety disordersGeneralised anxiety disorder, panic attack, panic disorder, specific phobia, social anxiety disorder, agoraphobia
OCD and OCD-related disordersOCD, BDD, hoarding, excoriation disorder, trichotillomania
Sleep problemsNo subcategories diagnosed
Eating disorderAnorexia nervosa, AN-R, bulimia nervosa, AN-BP, binge eating disorder, other specified feeding and eating disorder, pica, rumination disorder, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder, unspecified feeding or eating disorder
Gambling disorderNo subcategories diagnosed
Alcohol use disorderNo subcategories diagnosed
Drug use disorderNo subcategories diagnosed
  • AN-BP, anorexia nervosa binge/purge subtype; AN-R, anorexia nervosa restrictive subtype; BDD, body dysmorphic disorder; OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder.