Table 3

Overview of group affiliation, performance level and relevant demographic variables

Group affiliationn%
 Olympic and Paralympic athletes (Sample 1)5753.8
 NISO-athletes (Sample 2)4946.2
Performance level
 Highest international level; World Cup, World and European Championship, Olympics, Paralympics (Tier 4/5)6258.5
 High international level; but not World Cup, World- and European Championships, Olympics, Paralympics (Tier 4)1312.3
 Highest national level (Tier 3)2119.8
 High national level (Tier 3)109.4
Relevant demographic variablesn%
 Female athletes5450.9
 Male athletes5249.1
 Mean age: 26.95 (SD=5.566, Range 19–51)
 Average weekly practice: 16.43 hours (SD=4.292, Range 8–28)
 Number of different sports included in the study24
 Individual sport, summer (no. of athletes)2624.5
 Team sport, summer (no. of athletes)4744.3
 Individual sport, winter (no. of athletes)2119.8
 Team sport, winter (no. of athletes)1211.3
 Full-time athletes4946.2
 Part-time athletes (combine their sport with studies and/or work)5753.8
 Medals from European Championship, World Championship, Olympics, or Paralympics4441.5
 Able-bodied athletes10094.3
 Paralympic athletes65.7