Table 3

Coronary physiology measurements

HITStandard careTreatment effectP
Baseline12 monthsBaseline12 monthsChange (95% CI)
Clinical features
 IMR14.8±9.513.8±8.013.8±5.816.8±12.0–4.3 (–9.1 to 0.6)0.08
 FFR0.92±0.040.93±0.050.92±0.050.93±0.050.007(–0.02 to 0.04)0.61
 CFR4.0±2.54.8±2.94.2±2.14.1±1.90.8 (–0.8 to 2.3)0.32
  • Data are mean±SD values or mean (95% CI). P values are from mixed-effects multilevel regression and are for between-groups comparisons.

  • CFR, coronary flow reserve; FFR, fractional flow reserve; HIT, high-intensity interval training; IMR, index of microvascular resistance.