Table 5

Multiple regression analysis of incidences of acute lower extremity injury and chronic disorders

OR95% CIP value
Sex0.880.608 to 1.2800.52
Body mass index1.101.030 to 1.170<0.01
Increase in height over the past year0.950.891 to 1.0100.11
Practice time per week1.010.989 to 1.0400.31
Athletic experience1.040.975 to 1.1100.22
Injury mechanism5.653.680 to 8.6900.28
History of visiting other medical centres1.340.956 to 1.8700.09
Competitions over the past year
 Regional tournament1.110.617 to 2.0000.73
 Prefectural tournament1.320.698 to 2.4900.40
 National tournament1.520.678 to 3.3900.31
 World competition0.350.031 to 3.9800.40
Future goals
 To discontinue sports0.930.445 to 1.9700.86
 To achieve a recreational level1.420.859 to 2.3300.17
 To become a professional athlete0.850.531 to 1.3700.52
 To become a coaching staff1.430.639 to 3.2200.32