Table 1

Details of the IOC consensus statements (2003–2020) and bibliometric measures of their impact and academic reach (as at December 2021)

IOC statement title*Statement Year*No of ‘core’ pub.Field Weighted Citation Impact†Total no citations†Total no ‘citing’ pubs.‡No countries for the authors of the ‘core’ pubs.‡No countries for the authors of the ‘citing’ pubs.‡
1. Athletes who have changed sex20040§§§§§
2. Sudden cardiovascular death in sport20040§§§§§
3. The female athlete triad20050§§§§§
4. Training the elite child athlete200537.49289833
5. Sexual harassment and abuse in sport20070§§§§§
6. Molecular basis of connective tissue and muscle injuries in sport200711.74242823
7. Asthma in elite athletes20080§§§§§
8. Knee injury20080§§§§§
28. Age determination in high-level young athletes¶200912.57271629
9. Fasting and sport20090§§§§§
10. Periodic health evaluation of elite athletes200911.63343271065
11. Sports nutrition201031.26463§29
29. Thermoregulatory and altitude challenges in the high-level athlete¶201114.31131141140
12. Use of platelet-rich plasma in sports medicine2011110.32032021440
13. Health and fitness of young people through physical activity and sport2011†22.61031031342
14. Body composition health and performance in sport201215.5288289553
15. Concussion in sport20131716.9519842701174
16. Prevention and management of chronic disease201331.781811030
17. Youth athletic development2015120.23463421047
18. Sex reassignment and hyperandrogenism20150§§§§§
19. Exercise and pregnancy in sport201517.551521023
20. Harassment and abuse in sport201517.3137139630
21. Beyond the female athlete triad—relative energy deficiency in sport2015514.6951764856
22. Health consequences of a saturated sports calendar2016312.75494721251
23. Pain management2016†21.457641128
24. Dietary supplements and the high-performance athlete201739.83543451058
25. Serious knee injuries in children201732.695921229
26. Mental health in elite athletes2018210.32252221444
27. Methods for recording and reporting of epidemiological data on injury and illness in sport2019324.31801701239
Total for the combined list§6110.4**95357863**34**104**
  • *From IOC website and the number refers to that list.

  • †Data extracted from SciVal on 30 January 2022 from Scopus data of 19 January 2022.

  • ‡Data extracted from Scopus on 26 February 2022.

  • §Not applicable.

  • ¶Not on the IOC website list.

  • **Based on the whole group, not the sum of the individual parts.

  • IOC, International Olympic Committee.