Table 8

Multiple regression analysis of the incidence of new injuries after chronic lower extremity disorders

OR95% CIP value
Sex0.900.604 to 1.3300.58
Body mass index0.950.880 to 1.0200.14
Increase in height over the past year1.050.982 to 1.1200.16
Practice time per week1.000.977 to 1.0300.86
Athletic experience0.980.909 to 1.0500.55
Injury mechanism0.920.481 to 1.7800.81
History of visiting the other medical centres0.720.502 to 1.0300.07
Competitions over the past year
 Regional tournament0.770.433 to 1.3800.38
 Prefectural tournament1.030.540 to 1.9500.94
 National tournament0.930.392 to 2.2200.88
 World competition0.320.032 to 3.2100.33
Future goals
 To discontinue sports0.790.344 to 1.8000.57
 To achieve a recreational level0.420.213 to 0.8170.01
 To become a professional athlete1.570.985 to 2.5100.06
 To become a coaching staff1.900.736 to 4.9200.18