Table 2

PROMs between FBHE and HE groups across study timepoints

Baseline2 weeks4 weeks6 weeks
FBHE (n=9)HE (n=10)P valueFBHE (n=9)HE (n=10)P valueFBHE (n=9)HE (n=10)P valueFBHE (n=9)HE (n=10)P value
100 mm VAS: maximum pain in the last week54.8±16.341.1±15.30.0742.2±21.247.5±13.40.5134.5±21.9*36.2±17.1*0.8519.3±20.5*†31.3±27.4*†0.28
100 mm VAS: pain at rest in the last week7.9±6.14.1±±11.66.1±5.00.563.5±4.44.5±7.60.721.7±3.8†3.4±4.1†0.35
100 mm VAS: pain during typical run in the last week33.4±18.831.4±12.30.7823.7±16.425.6±12.70.7820.3±15.4*21.7±12.1*0.8212.5±15.2*20.5±21.8*0.35
100 mm VAS: pain following typical run in the last week24.5±16.824.7±13.30.9813.0±8.121.1±±8.0*20.2±19.8*0.074.9±6.7*†11.8±11.7*†0.12
EILP-Br (%)76.5±8.374.0±13.10.6289.2±8.6*81.5±15.0*0.1794.6±5.3*80.0±10.2*<0.001‡
LEFS (%)89.3±9.085.4±14.60.4896.5±2.6*92.6±5.6*0.0698.3±2.1*91.6±4.3*<0.001‡
Wisconsin RRI (%)58.3±7.647.2±16.90.0876.9±10.163.1±14.50.02‡85.2±12.0*†71.6±14.0*†0.03‡91.4±7.7*†74.6±8.5*†<0.001‡
(−7 to 7)
  • *Statistically significant compared with baseline at p≤0.05.

  • †Statistically significant compared with 2 weeks at p≤0.05.

  • ‡Statistically significant differences between groups at p≤0.05.

  • EILP-Br, Exercise-Induced Leg Pain Questionnaire, British Version; FBHE, contact time gait-training feedback with home exercise; HE, home exercise; LEFS, Lower Extremity Functional Scale; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure; RRI, Running Injury and Recovery Index; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.