Table 1

Participant demographics at baseline for FBHE and HE groups

n=9; 3 M, 6 F
n=10; 3 M, 7 F
P value
Age (years)23±425±50.48
Height (cm)168±12167±80.84
BMI (kg/m2)22.0±4.323.6±3.90.42
Running experience (years)6±55±30.68
Weekly mileage (km)24±1824±190.97
Average running pace (min/km)5:57±1:075:29±0:390.75
Shoe mileage160±135145±1290.81
Pain locationEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
  • Note: the participant who dropped out of the study was excluded from the FBHE group.

  • Heat maps generated based on where patients indicated they experienced pain at baseline. Areas with warmer colours indicate higher density of selected problem areas, while cooler colours indicate lower density of selected problem areas.

  • *Significant at p≤0.05.

  • BMI, body mass index; F, female; FBHE, contact time gait-training feedback with home exercise; HE, home exercise; M, male.