Table 1

Overview of studies reporting SRC rates in female contact/collision sport athletes

LOE—quality scoreSportPopulationTime periodRate available
Armstrong and Greig 201842II—55%Rugby unionCollegiate (UK)N/AOverall
Bretzin et al 202145III—80%LacrosseCollegiate (US)2014–2019Overall
Buckley and Blake 201846II—55%CamogieInter-county (IE)2016Match
Chandran et al 202149III—75%Ice hockeyCollegiate (US)2014–2019Overall
Chandran et al 202136III—75%SoccerCollegiate (US)2014–2019Overall
Comstock et al 201537III—80%SoccerHigh school (US)2012–2014Match vs training
Comstock et al 202044III—70%LacrosseHigh school (US)2012–2019Overall
Kerr et al 201733II—65%BasketballMiddle school (US)2015–2016 (1)Match vs training
Kerr et al 201934III—80%SoccerHigh school (US)2013–2018Match vs training
Field Hockey
Kerr et al 201938III—80%SoccerHigh school (US)2012–2016Match vs training
Teahan et al 202131II—60%Gaelic footballCollegiate (IE)N/AMatch vs training
Rugby unionMatch
Khodae et al 201732III—70%SoccerHigh school (US)2012–2014Overall
King et al 202043II—90%Rugby unionAmateur (NZ)2018–2019 (2)Match vs training
Lempke et al 202141III—70%BasketballCollegiate (US)2014–2019Overall
McGuine et al 201939II—85%SoccerHigh school (US)2016–2018Overall
Nedimyer et al 202148III—65%Field hockeyCollegiate (US)2014–2019Overall
O'Connor et al 202047II—50%Gaelic footballCollegiate (IE)N/AOverall
Putukian et al 201935II—75%SoccerCollegiate (US)2013–2018Match vs training
Ice hockey
Field hockey
Schallmo et al 201740III—65%BasketballHigh school (US)2012–2015Overall
  • IE, Ireland; NZ, New Zealand; UK, United Kingdom; US, United States of America.