Table 3

Generating design solutions from preparatory phase recommendations

Preparatory phase recommendationDesign solution
General featuresProvide guidance on a conversation structure that supports different timeframes.Three time-framed conversation templates were developed to host disease-specific information.
Prioritise information to make it easily digestible.Critical information is presented with hyperlinks to more detail.
Include links to the evidence base.A theory and evidence section included.
Support a person-centred approach and individualised advice.Conversation templates were developed to provide healthcare professionals with guidance on how to deliver individualised advice.
Include positive and clear directive messaging.‘Did you know’ posts created as stand-alone messages.
Deliver via the internet.Wireframe resource developed as a website.
ComponentsPhysical activity history.Include open questions and a screening tool.
Include evidence on benefits for specific conditions.Provide condition-specific resources with a summary of the relevant narrative evidence review.
Address patient concerns and provide safety advice.Enable customisation of concerns and safety advice for each condition by specialist healthcare professionals.
Enable making a plan.Include planning resources that can be shared with and given to patients.
Signpost other resources and organisations.Catalogue and hyperlink disease-specific resources from trusted sources and physical activity networks.
Provide resources for patients to take away.Include PDF output.
Explain how physical activity is beneficial.Include mechanistic explanations of symptom benefit.
Suggest appropriate activities.Include a list of example activities people find beneficial for each condition.