Table 3

Top predictors for injury locations ranked by variable importance metric

Shoulder injuriesKnee injuriesBack injuriesWrist injuriesHip injuries
SexAge at start of weightliftingYears of experienceAgeNumber of training days
Arthritis/osteoarthritisYears of experienceAge at start of weightliftingHours per week (estimated)Hours per week (estimated)
AgeProgramme ownProgramme ownLength of training sessionAge
Years of experienceProgramme by coachProgramme by coachProgramme by remote coachTime for supplementary exercises
Concurrent body buildingConcurrent CrossFitPrior CrossFitPrior ball sportsEducation level
Time for cool-downLength of training sessionPrior body buildingNumber of training daysPrior CrossFit
Concurrent fitness trainingPrior martial artsConcurrent CrossFitPrior CrossFitTime for warm-up
Age at start of weightliftingPrior ball sportsTime for supplementary exercisesAge at start of weightliftingProgramme coach
NutritionPrior body buildingPrior powerliftingTime for classic liftsProgramme own
Prior ball sportsTime for strength trainingPrior ball sportsConcurrent ball sportsConcurrent body building