Table 1

Participant’s sport, level, gender, BMI, EDE-Q, SCOFF and diagnoses based on ICD-10 and DSM-5

IDInterviewerSportGenderBMIEDE-QSCOFFDiagnose ICD-10Diagnose DSM-5
1TTH*Martial artsF19.85.295AANOSFED—AAN
6TTHTrack and fieldF22.53.984EDNOS-r/AAN (previous AN)OSFED—AAN
7ER§RowingF21.73.883AANOSFED— AAN
8MBLIce skatingF19.83.68MissingAAN (previous AN)OSFED
9ERTrack and fieldF19.33.583EDNOS-rOSFED
10TTHTrack and fieldF21.63.332EDNOS-rOSFED-r
11KKJCyclingF19.73.232EDNOS-r (previous AAN)OSFED-r
12ERTrack and fieldF19.23.223EDNOS-rOSFED-r
13ERTriathlonM25.83.132EDNOS (mild)OSFED (mild)
17MBLTrack and fieldF20.22.953EDNOS-rOSFED
18ERTrack and fieldF22.12.791AANOSFED-r
23KKJTrack and fieldF17.80.782AANOSFED-AAN
19JBOrienteeringF24.12.220No diagnosis (DE)No diagnosis (DE)
21KKJSwimmingF22.31.482No diagnosis (DE)No diagnosis (DE)
22ERTrack and fieldF17.31.291No diagnosisNo diagnosis
24TTHTriathlonF20.10.290No diagnosisNo diagnosis
25TTHTrack and fieldM20.40.060No diagnosisNo diagnosis
26JBTrack and fieldF23.50.40No diagnosisNo diagnosis
27ERTrack and fieldM19.700No diagnosisNo diagnosis
28KKJRowingF22.7Missing0No diagnosisNo diagnosis
  • *is a female clinical psychologist and research assistant.

  • †is a female MSc and research assistant.

  • ‡is a female clinical psychologist and professor.

  • §is a male clinical psychologist and research assistant.

  • ¶is a male BA in psychology

  • AAN, atypical anorexia nervosa; BMI, body mass index; DE, disordered eating; DSM-5, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition; EDE-Q, Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire; EDNOS, Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified; EDNOS-r, Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified-restrictive type; ICD-10, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision; OSFED, Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder; SCOFF, Sick, Control, One stone, Fat and Food.