Table 1

Assessments clinicians routinely use within clinical practice when diagnosing Achilles tendinopathy, yet do not consider the underlying core outcome measure domain as important

Key themeDescription of health domain from ICON 201919Exemplar quote
Palpation*‘Manual pressure elicited/evoked pain over the tendon (eg, VAS, NRS).’19‘And palpation is, you know… I’d rather go by function than anything else. So I probably…do it more as part of your examination, as part of the show, really.’ (Participant 3)
Range of motion*‘Range of motion (eg, goniometer, inclinometer).’19‘I would suggest range of movement is not so important in diagnosis, even though I did mention before that I would take that into consideration, I don’t think it’s really up there in terms of being of utmost importance for diagnosis.’ (Participant 7)
  • *Palpation and range of motion were not listed as a core health domain of tendinopathy in the ICON statement.

  • NRS, Numerical Rating Scale; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.