Table 3

Psychological, behavioural and physical signs/symptoms of eating disorders in interviewed athletes

Psychological signs/symptomsBehavioural signs/symptomsPhysical signs/symptoms
Self-critical thoughts (especially related to body weight, size or shape)Restrictive eating or dietingAmenorrhoea or menstrual dysfunction
Low self-esteemSkipping mealsBloating
Need for a sense of controlAvoiding specific food typesHypothermia
Depressive thoughtsExcessive exerciseFatigue and muscle weakness
Fear or anxiety of weight gainExercise despite injuries or training restrictionSkin problems
Distress in relation to weighingRestlessnessHair loss
Desire to perform better and weigh lessBinge-eatingDizziness
Thoughts about food affect the level of concentrationUse of laxativesSleep disturbances
Competitive attitudeExcessive weighing or monitoring
Previous history with eating disorder diagnosisWearing oversized clothes