Table 1

Description of participating patients

Age (years)7440.4±12.4
BMI (kg/m2)7427.7±5.4
Diagnosis area74
 Low back2432.4%
 Generalised back2331.1%
 Back and legs1013.5%
 Multiple sites1723.0%
Educational level70
Physical work demands74
Pain intensity (VAS; 0–10)734.7±2.2
Catastrophising (PCS; 0–52)6518.9±10.2
Injustice (IEQ; 0–48)7016.8±9.7
Distress (BSI-GSIT; 0–100)6539.7±9.2
V̇O2max (l/min)742.0±0.6
Lifting capacity (kg)7214.4±9.4
Work ability (WAS; 0–10)734.6±2.4
Pain-related disability (PDI; 0–70)7236.7±11.9
Physical functioning (RAND-36 PF; 0–100)7351.5±19.5
  • BMI, body mass index; BSI, Brief Symptom Inventory; GSIT, Global Severity Index Total Score; IEQ, Injustice Experience Questionnaire; PCS, Pain Catastrophising Scale; PDI, Pain Disability Index; PF, physical functioning; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale; V̇O2max, maximal aerobic capacity; WAS, Work Ability Score.