Table 2

SPSI factor loadings

ItemFactor 1—mentally healthy environmentFactor 2—mental health literacyFactor 3—low
My sport setting provides a supportive environment to disclose MH problems (2)0.9060.063−0.003
My sport setting is a safe space to disclose MH problems (1)0.7920.0720.075
Leadership staff in my sport take MH seriously (3)0.783−0.032−0.051
Those in my sport setting would be supportive about MH problems (9)0.7740.0190.099
I know the MH signs I should keep an eye on in sport settings (6)−0.0170.9080.045
I have good knowledge of MH problems in sport settings (5)0.0960.811−0.080
If I experienced a MH problem, I would be aware of the symptoms (7)−0.0870.7380.083
I know how to maintain good MH in the sport setting (8)0.2040.6350.019
I think that MH problems in sport settings communicate weakness (11 r)0.0900.1450.732
I would think I'd failed if I experienced any MH problems (12 r)−0.0980.2750.660
MH problems would reflect poorly on me in a sport setting (10 r)0.113−0.1900.608
  • MH, mental health; (r), reverse-scored item; SPSI, Sport Psychological Safety Inventory.