Table 3

US Soccer Federation Procedures and Protocols (COVID-19 testing)

Daily symptoms reporting
  • All delegates are required to complete daily symptoms screening via smartphone app before leaving their room each morning.

  • All players and staff (collectively: team staff, events staff, hotel/transportation staff, match officials, etc) associated with the game are required to follow U.S. Soccer testing and screening protocols.

  • Pre-trip – At least one (1) negative test administered within 72 hours of arrival.

  • In-camp – Two (2) tests administered on arrival day (PCR and Point of Care when available) and arrival day +1 and then every other day during the stay.

  • If at any point, a player or staff presents with possible COVID-19 symptoms, that individual should be isolated, quarantined, treated and tested when possible.

Positive test procedures
  • Chief Medical Officer, Team Doctor, Head Athletic Trainer & COVID-19 Safety Officer notified immediately.

  • Immediate isolation of the individual and routine communications and assistance from on-site medical staff.

  • Temporary cessation of all camp activities and contact trace prior to return to programming

  • The positive test is confirmed by either being re-run or secondary testing.

  • The Team Doctor, Head Athletic Trainer and Safety Officer are the only points of contact during isolation.

  • In the event of a positive test without symptoms for a player, a personal training programme may be carried out in isolation.

  • Isolation is maintained for 10–14 days or until CDC guidelines and/or approval from Team Doctor and the Chief Medical Officer.

Contact tracing
  • Rigorous contact tracing is conducted immediately if there is a positive test.

  • Observation and clinical testing for symptoms are conducted within the group.

  • Seating assignments, training room appointments and training video will all be used in the contact tracing process.

  • All individuals that are a high-risk contact with the positive test individual are required to remain in isolation until secondary test results are confirmed.

Compliance and integrity
  • ‘See Something, Say Something’ anonymous hotline.

  • CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.