Table 1

US Soccer Federation Procedures and Protocols (travel and base environment)

Ground transportation
  • Mask are worn and windows open for airport transfers.

  • Maximum of 2 persons in car service between team hotel and airport.

  • All drivers are tested by US Soccer’s testing partner.

  • Cars are wiped down and cleaned between trips.

  • Screens are affixed to separate the driver and passengers.

  • Drivers wear masks at all times.

  • Maintain social distancing at all times while loading, riding and unloading.

  • Drivers do not assist with any luggage or equipment loading.

  • Buses operated at reduced capacity—no more than one person per row.

  • Multiple buses to provide proper social distancing.

  • Buses sanitised before loading.

Air transportation
  • Masks are worn at the airport and on flights (N95 masks preferred).

  • All individuals are required to travel with hand sanitiser, wipes and masks.

  • Passengers bring their own food to minimise contact with vendors in the airport and flight attendants.

  • The team has exclusive access to the team floor.

  • Each player and staff member is assigned a private room.

  • Masks are worn at all times (unless in a private room).

  • No housekeeping is conducted during the stay.

  • Racks of supplies (towels, sheets, toiletries) are placed in each wing of the exclusive floor to replenish items as needed.

  • Any other needs are done by the team administrator.

Meals spaces
  • Meals are served buffet-style by banquet staff members part of the testing protocol.

  • Seats are assigned within the meal room with a maximum of four people per table for contact tracing.

  • Masks are always worn when not sitting and eating.

  • The meal room is sanitised between every meal.

  • Meal-times staggered to accommodate social distancing.

  • To-Go Boxes are available should players not wish to eat in the meal room.

Meeting spaces
  • All seats are spaced six feet apart.

  • Seats are assigned for the duration of the camp for contact tracing.

  • Masks worn at all times.

  • Rooms sanitised between every meeting.

  • Virtual meeting access is available.

Sports science and Medical hubs
  • Access reserved for players with appointment only.

  • Appointments scheduled by Head Athletic Trainer.

  • Medical staff disinfect the area of treatment following each appointment.

  • All equipment stays in the training/performance room unless assigned to a player for the length of camp.

  • Masks are always worn by players and staff.

PPE and Social distancing
  • Adherence to social distancing requirements and personal safety practices at all times.

  • Face masks worn at all times outside personal guestrooms.

  • Daily Symptom Questionnaire completed using the Smartabase App.

  • Plentiful supply of PPE (masks, gloves, face shields, sanitising gel and wipes).

  • PPE, Personal Protective Equipment.