Table 1

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders among elite athletes (EA) and high-performance coaches (HPC) from the Stockholm Clinic between February 2015 and May 2021

Total (n=180)Females
Anxiety disordersAny anxiety disorder69%70%67%93%100%90%
Phobic anxiety disorders (F40)31%33%26%n<5100%n<5
Other anxiety disorders (F41)29%27%33%28%n<535%
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (F42)8%7%9%n<5n<5n<5
Reaction to severe stress and adjustment disorders (F43)25%28%19%72%89%65%
Affective disordersAny affective disorder51%50%52%52%78%40%
Major depressive disorder, single episode or recurrent (F32, F33)37%37%36%28%n<5n<5
Bipolar disorder (F31)n<5n<5n<5n<5n<5n<5
Eating disordersAny eating disorder (F50)26%37%n<5n<5n<5n<5
Anorexia nervosa (F50.0)7%11%n<5n<5n<5n<5
Bulimia nervosa (F50.2)3%5%n<5n<5n<5n<5
Eating disorder, unspecified (F50.9)20%29%n<5n<5n<5n<5
Mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance useAny disorders due to psychoactive substance use6%n<514%17%n<5n<5
Alcohol-related disorders (F10, Z721)6%n<514%n<5n<5n<5
Other substance-related disordersn<5n<5n<5n<5n<5n<5
Other disordersAny other disorder7%6%10%n<5n<5n<5
  • Cell counts with fewer than five individuals are displayed as n<5 for data protection purposes.