Table 1

Details of the shoulder exercise programme

ModuleCategoryExercise levelExercise
IScapular activationBeginnerScapular circles
ExperiencedScapular circles with bent elbows
AdvancedScapular circles with different arm positions
IIExternal rotation strengthBeginnerSharapova with rubber bands
ExperiencedExternal rotation with rubber bands
AdvancedExternal rotation partner exercise
IIIScapular strengthBeginnerReversed snow angel
ExperiencedW, T, Y rubber band exercise
AdvancedSingle-arm W, T, Y rubber band exercise
VIScapular controlBeginnerScapular push-up
ExperiencedSeated wall angel
AdvancedY wall slide
VRotational internal range of motionSleeper’s stretch
OR cross-body stretch