Table 1

Study selection criteria

PopulationOlder adults aged 65 years or overArticles utilising specific clinical populations (eg, patients with cancer).
InterventionPerformance of a resistance training sessionThere are no restrictions on the intensity of the resistance training or the muscle groups used during this exercise.
ComparisonNo comparator group is necessaryNil exclusion criteria.
OutcomeAll direct and indirect measures of acute muscle damage and exercise recovery, including but not limited to; muscle strength, physical functioning, muscle soreness, muscle power, perceived recovery, creatine kinase, inflammation, myoglobin, range of motion and limb circumference.
Ultrastructural muscle damage will also be considered as an outcome of interest.
Nil exclusion criteria.
Publication TypePublished primary research studies, including both qualitative and quantitative research.
Abstracts of unpublished studies for which authors can be contacted and provide sufficient information to enable accurate analysis.
Literature reviews.
Systematic reviews.
Trial protocols.
Book chapters.
Conference abstracts.
Opinion papers.
They are not published in English.