Table 1

Topic list and interview questions

Injury definition1. Which aspects do you consider defining a sports injury? (Symptoms? Time? Training modification? Need of medical care?)
Factors influencing injury2. Which factors influence the occurrence of an injury?
3. How can these factors affect the occurrence of an injury?
Believes in injury prevention4. Do you believe that injuries can be prevented?
5. How can injuries be prevented?
Injury prevention strategies6. Which injury prevention strategies do you apply? Why do you apply these strategies?
7. What do you consider when choosing the injury prevention strategies that you currently use?
8. How do you choose each strategy to apply, and why do you choose them?
9. What motivates you to apply an injury prevention strategy?
Influence of the context and sport culture10. How does the context of elite sports/your own reality influences injury prevention (facilitators and barriers)?
11. How does your sports culture/elite sports structure nationwide influence the way that you prevent injuries?
12. Which factors in your daily routine support injury prevention? Which factors make injury prevention more difficult?