Table 2

Relationship of pregnant women’s demographic and obstetrical history characteristics with the PA intensity based on the results of multiple linear regression analysis

Independent variablesUnstandardised coefficients BStandardised coefficient beta95% CI for BP value*R2
Prepregnancyor early pregnancy BMI (kg/m2)UnderweightReference category0.261
Normal8.630.16−0.63 to 23.90.269
Overweight10.820.2−4.38 to 26.10.162
Obese25.60.369.35 to 41.810.002
EthnicityFars16.940.121.81 to 32.060.028
Lur−8.24−0.08−18.66 to 2.180.121
Lak2.960.02−13.23 to 19.170.719
KurdishReference category
Level of educationSecondary−5.24−0.05−16.80 to 6.310.372
Diploma−8.77−0.15−15.10 to −2.440.007
University educationReference category
No of children5.950.151.52 to 10.380.009
Gestational age (weeks)0.810.260.40 to 1.22<0.001
Participation in childbirth preparation classesYes−11.27−0.13−21.28 to −1.250.028
NoReference category
A habit of exercising before pregnancyYes6.090.110.46 to 11.730.034
NoReference category
Income (millions of rials)Undesirable <203.860.04−6.70 to 14.420.473
Fairly favourable: 20–40−9.22−0.17−15.28 to −3.160.003
Optimal: 40–100Reference category
  • *Significance level: p<0.05, bold entries are significant results and are related to statistical tests.

  • BMI, body mass index; PA, physical activity.