Table 3

Relationship of pregnant women’s demographic and obstetrical history characteristics with the PA barriers based on the results of multiple linear regression analysis

Independent variablesUnstandardised coefficients BStandardised coefficient beta95% CI for BP value*R2
EthnicityFars−0.34−0.01−3.79 to 3.110.8450.083
Lur2.520.110.14 to 4.910.038
Lak−4.96−0.14−8.78 to −1.140.011
KurdishReference category
Income (millions of rials)Undesirable <200.400.02−1.76 to 2.580.713
Fairly favourable: 20–402.230.191.84 to 3.620.002
Optimal: 40–100Reference category
No of pregnancies0.390.05−0.38 to 1.160.324
A habit of exercising before pregnancyYes−1.35−0.11−2.70 to −0.0070.049
NoReference category
  • *Significance level: p<0.05, bold entries are significant results and are related to statistical tests.

  • PA, physical activity.