Table 3

Cardiorespiratory fitness of patients with CANS compared with reference values

Study sampleReference valuesDifference
VO2peak (mL/min, mean±SD)
 Total (n=25)2298±7452712±736*−414±510 (p<0.001)
 Men (n=8)2978±9833467±635*−489±764 (p=0.113)
 Women (n=17)1978±2652357±466*−379±362 (p=0.001)
VO2peak (mL/min/kg, mean±SD)
 Total (n=25)29.0±9.4
 Men (n=8)36.3±12.3
 Women (n=17)25.5±5.3
ACSM category (n (%))
 Total (n=25)
  Very poor15 (60)
  Poor3 (12)
  Fair4 (16)
  Good1 (4)
  Excellent1 (4)
  • *Based on the best-fitting polynomial regression model determined using cycle ergometry in a healthy Dutch population.14

  • ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine; CANS, complaints of arm, neck and/or shoulder; VO2, oxygen consumption.