Table 1

Participant characteristics (n=25)

Sex, n (%)
 Male8 (32)
Age, mean±SD (years)46.1±14.5
Duration of complaints, n (%)
 <3 months0 (0)
 3–6 months1 (4)
 6–12 months9 (32)
 >12 months18 (64)
Dominant arm, n (%)
 Right18 (72)
 Left6 (24)
 Two-handed1 (4)
Affected arm, n (%)
 Right7 (28)
 Left3 (12)
 Both15 (60)
Diagnosis, n (%)
 Specific CANS11 (44)
  Trigger finger4
  De Quervain’s disease3
  Lateral epicondylitis2
  Dupuytren disease2
 Non-specific CANS14 (56)
Employed, n (%)
 Yes16 (64)
Current sick leave from work, n (%)
 Yes4 (16)
RAND-36, mean±SD
 Physical functioning77.2±21.2
 Social functioning76.5±26.3
 Role limitations (physical problems)54.0±32.0
 Role limitations (emotional problems)70.3±29.7
 Mental health66.0±18.4
 General health perception57.6±22.2
Symptom severity and upper limb function, mean±SD
 QuickDASH Questionnaire28.2±15.7
 PRWHE Questionnaire36.6±20.6
Physical activity, n (%)
 NNGB (meeting criteria)17 (68%)
 Fitnorm (meeting criteria)8 (32%)
  • Criteria for meeting NNGB: perform physical activity at least 30 min/day, at least at moderate intensity, at least 5 days/week.

  • Criteria for meeting Fitnorm: exercise at least three times a week for 20 min at vigorous intensity.

  • CANS, complaints of arm, neck and/or shoulder; NNGB, Nederlandse Norm Gezond Bewegen (Dutch Healthy Physical Activity Guidelines); NRS-Pain, Numeric Pain Rating Scale; PDI, Pain Disability Index; PRWHE, Patient-Rated Wrist/Hand Evaluation; QuickDASH, Quick Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand.