Table 2

Themes, subcodes and exemplary quotes on reasons to participate

Main themeSubcodeExemplary quote
MotivationHealth benefitsRunner 11: ‘I just want to stay in good shape and keep my fitness level up.’
Runner 10: ‘For me, health is the most important factor. I have diabetes, so that is really a prime reason for me. I notice that my insulin sensitivity is terribly dependent on the amount of activity I have in a day.’
Social contactsRunner 6: ‘Yes, I enjoy it, the social aspect. I started to get to know people in our neighbourhood.’
Runner 2: ‘I really am a social runner. It motivates me to train with a fixed group of people at a fixed time, and I like that more than running on a grey Thursday evening by myself.’
PerformanceRunner 3: ‘I want to improve myself. I don't have to. I don't do it for someone else. I want to be faster myself. I like that personal best.’
Runner 9: ‘I am more challenging myself and being, you know, in a permanent challenge with my own performance.’
DistractionRunner 9: ‘I am working mostly mentally, being in the IT industry. So, running is also helpful to clean up my head after work.’
Runner 10: ‘I de-stress while running, and especially now that we have two children, it is really nice to just close the door behind you every now and then.’