Table 5

Themes, subcodes and exemplary quotes on self-regulation

Main themeSubcodeExemplary quote
Experience and knowledgeOwn experienceRunner 10: ‘I'm a little older now and hopefully wiser, and I hope those mistakes that I used to make I at least make less now.
Runner 5: ‘I think it’s a little bit of both, a little bit of just experience, a little bit of living up to your own feelings and also a little bit of, yeah, some knowledge that you just know. I just know that if you overwork your body, you overload it.’
Runner 12: ‘I actually developed over the course of those 14 years that I know very well where my limits lie. This is, of course, created by experience, if you go for a stroll through a city one day and you go for a long endurance run the next day, and you notice that you get tired much faster and that it bothers you the rest of the day then I think, well, I don't like that, so next time I'm going to plan it a little differently so that it bothers me less. Or maybe I'll skip the training because the combination is not going to work.’
Online resourcesRunner 1: ‘I first consulted Doctor Google and to find out about supplements you need for muscle building or strengthening of joints and bones and so on. So yes, I am actively looking for that.’
Runner 8: ‘When I started running, I had problems with my hip, and then I watched a lot of videos on YouTube about where it could come from and how you should run. So I mainly focused on running techniques, how should I run, what should my posture be. That helps me a lot during training.’
Runner 6: ‘Proper trainer schedules can also be found on the internet if you would like.’
Peer opinionRunner 10: ‘We do have now at our running group a number of people who know very well what they're doing as trainers. We have a physiotherapist as a trainer. We have a professor in exercise science or something. But anyway, those are the people who really do drill us in a proper way to learn habits that make us less likely to get injured.’
Runner 5: ‘You also run with a group of runners who all keep up their knowledge. Some more than others, but I do think that we hear quite a lot. during a training.’
Runner 3: ‘I follow him the trainer because he has the experience, and so far, I have really never had an injury or muscle pain or anything.’
Expert adviceRunner 1: I think that it is an obligation of a trainer to make runners aware that the body also has its limits even though it feels so good now, and that actually sometimes rest is the best training.’
Runner 10: ‘I try to pass it on to the other runners. With some regularity runners join us, and they are all very motivated. I don't want to slow them down in their enthusiasm, but I do want to say, guys, be careful and just take your time.
Runner 4: ‘Yes, I am always right on time with my consultation at the physiotherapist, and they also know that I should not go over it six times. I just have to get started briefly and powerfully.’