Table 4

Themes, subcodes and exemplary quotes on definition and care of injury

Main themeSubcodeExemplary quote
Loss of autonomyRunner 10: ‘If I can't do what I need or what I normally can do.’
Runner 12: ‘An injury for me is when I have pain, complaints or some dysfunction that hinders the training that I want to do and when I cannot do my training in an adapted form.’
Runner 4: ‘An injury to me is something that is a nuisance while running, or before or after. Something that hinders me in my normal movement, in what I normally do. That doesn't have to be something with your legs, but that can also be something in your arms or your shoulder, something that hinders in the training that you normally do or everyday life.’
Unable to runRunner 6: ‘Yes, if you really can't walk anymore. That you really need to rest for a few weeks and then slowly start building up again. I would say that’s an injury.’
Influencing factorsTraining levelRunner 8: ‘At first, I thought it was really a build-up phase because the first time I ran, I was already suffering from my hips, so you can imagine. So I imagine myself, if you go to a gym, and I never go to a gym, but if I go to a gym and I bench press in one go, and I have arm pain the next day, I think that’s more something like overtraining, I don't call that an injury.’
Runner 6: ‘I think my muscles were still in the build-up phase and especially those, yeah, I just think still need some development.’
Runner’s experienceRunner 1: ‘With the first injury, you think it will run loose, but now for me, this is something where I worry quicker. My body is also getting older. Maybe I ask too much of my body, even though I can do it all between my ears.’
Runner 5: ‘I think it’s very personal, of course. I think a recreational runner might be more likely to say yes, listen, this isn't worth it to me. While someone who really trains hard for something will then think yes, this is not fitting my planning.’
Absolute restRunner 12: ‘When my ankle didn't want to go, I just rested for a few days, and that was it. Then I could continue.’
Medical careRunner 1: ‘I had muscle pain in my buttock the week before a race, and that did not go away. So then I went to the physiotherapist, and he said, well, buddy, I think this is not your buttock because after 1.5 weeks muscle pain should be gone. So I’m under treatment now.’
Runner 8: ‘I went to a foot therapist, and I had orthotics measured there. That wasn't enough. Somehow that didn't work well. Then I put in an in-sole just from another shoe with a high instep, and now it’s over, so to speak.’