Table 1

Participants’ roles in alpine ski racing

Expert stakeholder groupLevel/professional background
(n=298, male ASR: n=154; female ASR: n=144)
WC level athlete (n=115)
EC level athlete (n=75)
FIS-race level athlete (n=108)
(n=130, male ASR: n=84; female ASR: n=46)
WC level coach (n=62)
EC level coach (n=31)
FIS-race level coach (n=37)
TMS (n=59)Doctor (n=21)
Physiotherapist (n=36)
Other (n=2)
SRS representatives (n=33)Service men (n=9)
R&D and management (n=18)
Other (=6)
FIS representatives (n=12)FIS staff for alpine competitions (n=3)
Committee member (n=5)
Other (n=4)
  • ASR, Alpine Ski Racing; EC, European Cup; FIS, International Ski Federation; FIS-race, FIS race; R&D, Research and Development; SRS, Ski Racing Supplier; TMS, team medical staff; WC, World Cup.