Table 3

Baseline characteristics

(mean (SD) or median (IQR))
Age (years)61 (8)
Height (cm)172 (7)
Weight (kg)78.3 (10.8)
Fat mass (%)35.5 (7.7)
BMD (T-score)1.22 (0.07)
FEV1 (%-pred)110 (19)
FVC (%-pred)112 (16)
FEV1/FVC81 (10)
RV (%-pred)89 (21)
TLC (%-pred)94 (15)
DLCOc (%-pred)78 (20)
V̇O2max (mL/min)1968 (766)
V̇O2max (mL/min/kg)24.9 (8.8)
Duration of hospitalisation (days)7 (4)
Time since discharge (days)40 (22–145)
PFASS2 (0–2)
  • Anthropometry measured at baseline.

  • BMD, bone mass density; DLCOc, carbon monoxide diffusing capacity corrected for haemoglobin; PFASS, Post-COVID-19 Functional Status Scale; RPE, rate of perceived exertion; RV, residual volume; TLC, total lung capacity; V̇O2max, maximal oxygen consumption.