Table 3

Main codes and related quotes on the dimension ‘contextual barriers to injury prevention’

Higher-order themeLower-order theme
Environmental and system-level barriers to injury preventionMatch workload affects injury risk‘[Modifying training intensity is] definitely something you learn over time. We would speak to some of the guys playing abroad [in professional leagues] where they could have two or three sessions a day between strength and conditioning, outfield sessions and video sessions. It wouldn’t be unheard of, especially around [times when we have a lot of matches], just to be running sessions for 1.5 hours’.
Amateur nature of field hockey‘It’s purely voluntary from [a professionalism] point of view. But everyone is expected to play, to train on either the Wednesday or Thursday. But sometimes if a player has got an exam the next day or is away on business or can’t make training for whatever reason, then we just have to accept that that’s reality and get on with it really’.
Lack of medical and support staff‘[Having access to medical resources] would be great if you had the time and the finances. I think both of them are a big factor. Finance obviously an issue, but it’s the time factor as well. You’re so limited. You have two hours with somebody. You’ve got to warm-up for half an hour. I don’t know when we’d fit in being able to see a [club] physio’.
Athlete factors limit prevention‘[Our players] aren’t focused on their cool down, they don’t understand the importance of the cool down and other recovery [techniques]. Their warm-up, their rehab on a Monday or Wednesday night or whatever they’re doing. I just think we lack a bit of understanding’.-In relation to coaches general understanding of how it may be possible to prevent injuries.