Table 1

Descriptive variables of the male and female Australian professional footballers (active and former)

Active professional footballersFormer professional footballers
Male (N=149)Female (N=132)(N=81; all male)
Age (in years; mean±SD)24.3±4.822.8±4.038.7±6.0
Height (in cm; mean±SD)181.9±7.0166.5±10.6181.5±7.0
Weight (in kg; mean±SD)77.5±7.062.8±7.0
Duration football career (in years; mean±SD)6.3±4.94.6±3.512.1±4.7
Field position (%)
Injured in the previous 6 months (%)2828
Resilience score* (mean±SD)29.8±5.628.3±5.929.6±5.4
Duration of retirement (in years; mean±SD)7.7±6.0
Forced retirement (%)58
  • N, number of participants; SD, standard deviation; cm, centimeters; kg, kilograms; %, percentage.

  • *Ranging from 0 to 40 with higher score indicating greater resilience.