Table 3

Participants' perception data on each condition

How do you believe the 6 min walk break impacted your gaming performance?
Positively helped (%)Negatively impacted (%)No impact (%)Representative positively helped comment:Representative negatively impacted comment:
73.98.717.4‘It was good to take a break, but I think its active nature helped me stay prepared physically while offering me a more mental break.’‘It was a light movement and didn't fatigue me, but did break focus on the game.’
How do you believe the 6 min rest break impacted your gaming performance?‘I treated it like meditation! I focused and reflected on the previous games to try and prepare myself better for the following ones.’‘While the 6 -minute rest itself felt great, when I got back to my computer, I felt slow and lethargic, and it took me a while to get back into the game and warmup again.’
Which of the following do you think is most effective to help gaming performance?
Walking break (%)Rest break (%)Continuous play (%)No difference (%)Representative walking break preference comments:Representative rest break preference comment:
52.221.721.74.3‘I can't tell exactly why, but physically moving my body helped me feel more refreshed when I started the game again vs when I rested on my bed.’‘The lying down rest allowed me to more quickly relax after being fairly tense during play, which made the 'mental reset' feel more impactful on [future] play.’
‘(The] walking break definitely has the best impact on gaming performance. It helps you clear your mind while doing something physical. Even if you are walking slowly, it helps you calm down and forget the high pressure from the gaming environment. Your brain isn't going overboard anymore.’Representative continuous play preference comment:
‘No break allows [you] to stay in the zone and keeps you warmed up. Pro esports players have been caught taking Adderall so that they can stay in-game longer. Dedicating the most amount of time possible is the only way to get better at a game. It [is] exactly like a real sport,’