Table 2

Characteristics of included studies related to tournament football

TeamsPlayersInjury definitionInjury recorderInjury Severity
(Reporting quality)
(Methodological quality)
Junge and Dvorak28USAWC, 1999Not reported16176*Medical attentionNational Team Physician6ii47
USAWC, 200316176*Medical attentionNational Team Physician6ii
AustraliaOG, 2000888*Medical attentionNational Team Physician6ii
GreeceOG, 200410*110*Medical attentionNational Team Physician6ii
Waldén et al29EnglandEC, 2005Not reported8160Time-lossNational Team Physician6i57
  • Injury Severity classification:

  • 6i—slight (0 day), minimal (1–3 days), mild (4–7 days), moderate (8–28 days), severe (>28 days), career ending.

  • 6ii—0=0 days, 1=1 day, 2=2 days, 7=1 week, 14=2 weeks, >30=more than 4 weeks.

  • *Sample size based on the authors incidence calculation; 11 players/team.

  • EC, European Championship; NOS, Newcastle-Ottawa Scale; OG, Olympic Games; STROBE, Strengthening The Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology statement; WC, Women’s World Cup.