Table 1

Results of the needs assessment

CodeFETFET %n*n %*
NA.1 Understand how to get a training schedule; understand the consequences of not following the training schedule.4017.3880.0
NA.2 Understand why conditioning exercises are important for prevention of running-related injuries.3916.9770.0
NA.3 Understand the importance of having contact with health professionals for the prevention of running-related injuries.3113.4880.0
NA.4 Express control in keeping the training schedule.3013.0550.0
NA.5 Understand when a minor injury may be a matter of concern.2812.1770.0
NA.6 Understand that comfort should be the most important factor when choosing running shoes.2812.1770.0
NA.7 Understand that there is no right or wrong foot strike pattern.2310.0660.0
NA.8 Understand when it is recommended to seek professionals’ opinion/help.62.6220.0
NA.9 Understand how to perform conditioning exercises; understand how to incorporate conditioning exercises in a week routine.52.2330.0
NA.10 Be able to perform conditioning exercises; be able to incorporate conditioning exercises in a week routine.10.4110.0
  • *The sum of ‘n’ and ‘% of n’ equals more than 10 and 100%, respectively, because the participants could report multiple categories.

  • FET, frequency of emerging themes; n, number of participants; NA, needs assessment.