Table 2

Concussion’s experiences and potential changes in concussion’s approach

Concussion experiences
Baseline neurological/neuropsychological assessment (%)
 Yes with SCAT533
 Yes with ImPACT4
Club doctor in charge for substitution or not (%)97
Under pressure to not substitute a player (%)
 Always/often by technical staff10
 Always/often by players5
Potential changes
Not enough time for player’s assessment (%)33
In favour of additional permanent concussion substitution (%)78
In favour of temporary concussion substitution (%)83
In favour of permanent substitution in case of bleeding head injury (%)54
Added value of the availability of instant video footages (%)79
Added value of the assistance of an independent physician (%)37
  • ImPACT, Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test; SCAT5, Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5.