Table 1

Participant characteristics (N=96) and their view on concussion education

Participant characteristics
Age (in years; mean±SD)43.7±11.7
Gender (male; %)95
Experience in professional football (in years; mean±SD)10.2±8.5
Country (N)
Team level of play (top league; %)
 Highest national league*56
 Second highest national league†22
 Youth academy14
 National team8
Number of concussions per season (mean±SD)2.0±1.1
Concussion education
Educational session for players (%)
 Yes yearly34
 In favour to it at least once every season95
 Responsibility by the national football association46
 Responsibility by the club39
Educational session for technical staff (%)
 Yes yearly39
 In favour to it at least once every season93
 Responsibility by the national football association45
 Responsibility by the club46
Educational session for medical staff (%)
 Responsibility by the national football association70
  • *Eerste klasse A, Premier League, Ligue 1, Super League voor Vrouwen, Women’s Super League, Division 1 Féminine.

  • †Eerste klasse B, Championship, Ligue 2.

  • N, number of participants.;