Table 1

Descriptives of the study sample at baseline

Boys (n=319)Girls (n=314)
Age (years)12.5±1.312.3±1.3
Height (cm)156.1±11.7154.1±9.6
Weight (kg)46.1±12.944.8±10.5
BMI (kg/m2)18.6±3.318.7±3.1
20MSRT (laps)45.3±19.036.4±15.2
20MSRT centile*60th70th
MVPA (min/day)58.0±22.448.3±17.9
Pubertal status2.6±1.02.5±0.9
  • Units are means and SD unless other mentioned.

  • *International normative values by Tomkinson et al, 2016.

  • †Classification is based on self-assessment questionnaire and Tanner’s scale.

  • BMI, body mass index; 20MSRT, 20-m shuttle run test; MVPA, accelerometry-based moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.