Table 5

Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient (rs) between different postural orientation scores and patient-reported outcome measures separately in men and women

PROMsPOE scores
Total POE scorePOE subscale ADLPOE subscale sport
rsP valuersP valuersP value
KOOS sport/rec
 Men (n=29)−0.179*0.680.0001*0.999−0.2350.22
 Women (n=22)−0.0930.363−0.1480.5−0.1450.52
 Men (n=29)0.022*0.9120.092*0.6430.0070.972
 Women (n=23)0.120*0.594−0.0140.9490.1840.412
ACL-QoL subscale Sport†
 Men (n=29)−0.112*0.572−0.019*0.922−0.1240.523
 Women (n=23)0.092*0.6850.0190.9320.0540.812
ACL-QoL subscale Life style
 Men (n=29)0.020*0.9180.032*0.8740.0130.947
 Women (n=22)0.2160.3350.0570.7960.1420.53
K-SES subscale Present
 Men (n=29)0.045*0.820.066a0.740.0370.85
 Women (n=22)0.0460.8390.0210.925−0.1450.52
Global knee function
 Men (n=29)−0.086*0.665−0.099*0.615−0.0960.622
 Women (n=23)−0.177*0.4310.0810.712−0.246*0.27
  • *One subject did not complete all tasks.

  • †ACL-QoL subscale Recreational activities and sport participation.

  • ACL, anterior cruciate ligament; ADL, activities of daily living; KOOS, Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; K-SES, Knee Self-Efficacy Scale; POE, postural orientation error; PROMs, patient-reported outcome measures; QoL, quality of life; rs, Spearman’s rank.