Table 4

Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient (rs) between postural orientation scores and hop performance during the single-leg hop for distance and side hop, in men and women separately

POE scoresHop performance
Single-leg hop for distance
Longest jump injured leg (cm)
Side hop
No of hops, injured leg (n)
Men, n=29Women, n=24Men, n=29Women, n=24
Total POE score−0.024*0.9030.349*0.103−0.178*0.364−0.267*0.219
POE Subscale ADL−0.013*0.9460.5180.010−0.204*0.2970.4250.038
POE Subscale Sport−0.0670.732−0.144*0.511−0.0790.685−0.106*0.629
Within-task POE score Single-leg hop for distance0.3010.112−0.1200.577NA
Within-task POE score side hopNA−0.1770.359−0.048*0.827
  • r values ≥0.3 are indicated in bold.

  • *One subject did not complete all tasks.

  • ADL, activities of daily living; NA, not applicable; POE, postural orientation error; rs, Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient.;