Table 1

The test battery of tasks and POEs assessed within each task

Functional tasksAnkle POEKnee POEsThigh POEHip POETrunk POECalculation of the within-task POE score
Foot pronationKnee Medial-to-foot positionFemur medial to shankFemoral valgusDeviation of pelvis in any planeDeviation of trunk in any plane
Single-leg mini squat*XXXXXXEmbedded Image
Stair descending*XXEmbedded Image
Forward lunge*XXXXEmbedded Image
Single-leg hop for distanceXXXXEmbedded Image
Side hop†X (M,L)X (M,L)X (M,L)X (M)X (M)Embedded Image
Segment-specific POEs across tasksN.C.Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageN.C.
POE Subscale ADL(Sum score of single-leg mini squat, stair descending and forward lunge)Embedded Image
POE Subscale Sport(Sum score of single-leg hop for distance and side hop)Embedded Image
Total POE scoreEmbedded Image
  • Calculation formulae for the within-task POE scores, segment-specific POEs across tasks and total POE score, included in the analysis.

  • *These tasks are only included in the Total POE score and the POE subscale ADL in this study.

  • †The segment-specific POEs scored in medial and lateral landings, respectively.

  • ADL, activities of daily living; L, lateral landing; M, medial landing; N.C, not calculated; POEs, postural orientation errors.