Table 1

Descriptive statistics of participants

Characteristics (n=80)Mean (SD)/Median (IQR)
Personal characteristics
Age (years)50 (44–54)
Sex (male/female)39/41
BMI (kg/m2)25.7 (23.9–30.0)
Injury-related factors
AT (unilateral/bilateral; n)52/28
Symptom duration (weeks)63 (40–127)
VISA-A score (0–100)42.8 (15.8)
Sports-related factors
Sports duration (hours/week)4 (2.5–6.0)
AAS score (0–10)5 (5.0–6.0)
Sport adaptation (none/reduced/stopped; n)2/22/56
Work-related factors
Sedentary work per working day (%)68 (36–80)
  • Values are displayed in frequencies and medians (IQR)/means (SD).

  • Sports adaptation: patients who reported no change in sports activities, a reduce of sports activities or stopped performing sports activities.

  • VISA-A: A score range from 0 to 100 points (with asymptomatic persons expected to score 100 points) used for assessment of physical disability due to AT.39

  • AAS: A score range from 0 to 10 points (with 0 being unable to walk and 10 being physically active performing high-intensity sports on a top level) which includes different sports, working activities and general activities used to assess the level of activity in persons.40

  • AAS, Ankle Activity Score; AT, Achilles tendinopathy; BMI, body mass index; VISA-A, Victorian Institute of Sport Assessment Achilles.